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We are always getting asked by our customers whether they should look at quartz base surfaces or granite for their kitchen countertops. It is a wonderful question that we feel should be answered. “What is the difference between granite and quartz base surface countertops?”

Mother Nature VS Factory

Granite is a natural stone and quartz base surfaces are manufactured.
Granite is formed deep in the Earth’s crust from hot molten rock, otherwise known as magma. This magma undergoes pressure from the intense heat and rises through the Earth’s crust through the cracks and crevasses of the earth. As the boiling magma slowly cools down, it forms Granite. Granite is then quarried and cut into slabs and tiles for your home or business.

Quartz base surfaces on the other hand are manufactured in a factory using a mixture of high quality quartz, special adhesives, and pigments. Quartz base surface countertops are also called engineered counter tops or man made countertops.


Because granite is a natural product, there are no two identical stones. If you do decide to go with granite, we suggest that you always look at the whole slab beforehand and make sure you ask to choose the one you like. There are endless options of colour, pattern, and variations. Going with granite offers you natural and extremely unique look that only you will have.

Quartz base surfaces are more consistent in colour, patterns, and variations. Because the factory makes them, you know that one slab will look like the other. However, with the growing popularity of natural stones, quartz base surface manufacturers are beginning to expand their selections by offering slabs and tiles that mimic natural stone.

One of the most important differences between the two is that quartz base surfaces can be found in any colour you want. Because of their colours and lack of natural movement, these slabs are perfect for modern and ultra modern looks.
While quartz base surfaces can be found in any colour, granite is limited to what we have been given by Mother Nature. For example, the White Quartz WOMAG stocks, is completely white without any movement or discolouration. This is extremely rare and almost impossible to find in any of our white granites.

While quartz base surfaces can easily be ordered by catalogue, granite cannot as it is found naturally in nature. However, Our natural stone collection is just as varied as its quartz base surfaces. What makes Us stand out from all its competitors is that our buying team travels to the far corners of the earth looking for the most unique and beautiful stones, bringing back a huge range of colours and patterns.


In essence, granite and quartz base surfaces are both equals in terms of longevity. Both are resistant to staining, chipping, and cracking.
Because granite is found naturally, We ensures its longevity by sealing it. While quartz base surfaces are made by humans, they already add a “sealer” to their product.


Both are extremely easy to clean and care for. We recommend using mild soaps with warm water to wash off any spilled liquids or just cleaning in general.


The cost of granite and quartz base surfaces really depends on the slab you are looking for. There is some granite that costs less than quartz base surfaces and vice versa.


Quartz base surfaces are all branded and the top brands are all pretty much the same besides a few colour variations. The difference in the longevity of your quartz base surface is who installs it. You need to consider choosing a reputable source to install your quartz base surface as a lot goes into it. To get the best result you need to trust that they will do a good job shaping the quartz base surface correctly, ensuring that there will be limited joints and guaranteeing that the edge details (like the mitre edge) are done to perfection. Choosing a reputable company is NECESSARY.

In conclusion, the better of the two is your personal preference. One customer may appreciate the natural veining and different movement found in granite slabs while another prefers the consistency that comes with quartz base surfaces. Both granite and quartz base surfaces will increase the beauty of your home as well as the value. Choosing to upgrade your countertops to a quartz base surface or granite will only benefit you in the long run.