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Caesarstone Tops

Caesarstone Tops

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We cover Klerksdorp, Potch, North West, Botswana, Lesotho & Gauteng. Caesarstone tops are made up of composite material like  marble and quartz.  Crushed & bound together by an adhesive this forms very durable counter tops. Caesarstone tops are currently found in about 40 different variations of colour to choose from.

Caesarstone tops are very desirable stone for modern kitchens. It requires expert workmanship and planning to manufacture and install correctly. We pride ourselves in service delivery to our customers, therefore we will meet you on site, measure and discuss design options, material options, and have your quote ready between 1-24 hours of measuring. We always react immediately by trying to meet every client the exact same day that the inquiry has been made ensuring there is no delay in the process.
Our factory’s office is also client friendly and we welcome visitors to come sit and discuss requirements. Tombstones can be chosen from a catalgue or you may bring your own design or photo. Kitchen cupboards are designed in 3D or a counter top can simple be chosen from our extensive sample range. We’ll guide you through the process.

The same people who guide you through the consultation process ensures that measurements are done correctly; installations happen timeosly and that the quality is checked throughout the projects lifespan. Once you deal with us we know you will stay with us. No jumping between designers and others service providers. We handle all for you!